Pursuing Operational Excellence: Task Force Charge

The Pursuing Operational Excellence Task Force is charged with creating a report to address themes relevant to the task force. The task force shall:

  • Describe the central challenges facing NC State that are key to our success in this area;
  • Provide a brief overview of where we stand relative to facing those challenges, including initiatives that were started in the Pathway to the Future Strategic Plan, including progress made;
  • Propose and prioritize 2 to 5 themes to be addressed in the next strategic plan; and
  • Create initiatives or strategies that would make progress within those themes.

In order to accomplish these goals, the task force should consider the university mission and values, engage the campus community as well as rely on their own experience and expertise, consider existing data both internally and externally, and communicate with other task forces for cross-collaborative ideas.

The task force co-chairs will guide this process including scheduling meetings, communicating to the task force members and providing administrative support. The report will be due July 31, 2020* and should be between 5 – 25 pages.

*Due to COVID-19 and the interruption to University business operations, the original June 1 white paper due date was extended to August 17.