Faculty Grievance/Review

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Committee Charge

POL 05.25.1 Faculty Grievance and Non-Reappointment Review Policy
2.5 The 604/607 Committee

There shall be a standing university committee elected by the General Faculty and designated as the 604/607 Committee. The 604/607 Committee shall include members from all professorial ranks and non-professorial faculty such as librarians,and may not include anyone with an administrative appointment. The Chancellor shall appoint the Chair of the 604/607 Committee from the elected members after conferring with the Chair of the Faculty. For each petition or grievance filed, the 604/607 Committee shall appoint a sub-committee (“Review Committee” for Section 604 reviews and “Grievance Committee” for Section 607 grievances) from its membership as provided below in subsection 5.4. Members of the 604/607 Committee shall receive annual training on procedures from the Office of General Counsel before serving on a sub-committee. The Office of General Counsel shall assign an impartial attorney to provide procedural advice to each sub-committee.


The 604/607 Committee is a standing university committee that is authorized to hear petitions for the review of non-reappointment decisions filed in accordance with Section 604 of The Code and employment-related grievances filed in accordance with Section 607 of The Code.

2.1 Membership
Each college shall elect two (2) members of the General Faculty to serve on the 604/607 Committee; at least one of whom must be a tenured associate or full professor. In addition, the General Constituency shall elect two (2) faculty members to serve on the 604/607 Committee.

2.2 Term
Faculty members will be elected to an initial two -year term and will be eligible for immediate re-election to an additional two-year term. After serving two terms, a faculty member can become eligible to be elected to
serve on the 604/607 Committee after the passage of one year.

2.3 Elections
Elections will be held annually and the terms of the members shall be staggered. The timing of and procedures for elections shall coincide with the elections of the Faculty Senate.

2.4 Training
All members of the 604/607 Committee shall be trained annually to serve as both members and chairs of Review orGrievance Panels. A member of the 604/607 Committee must have attended training as a pre-requisite. The Chancellor shall appoint a Chair of the 604/607 Committee (“604/607 Chair”) from the elected members of the 604/607 Committee. The 604/607 Chair shall be appointed to a two-year term; if the 604/607 Chair is unable to complete the appointment, the Chancellor shall appoint a new Chair from the elected members of the 604/607 Committee to complete the two-year appointment.