Institutional History Subcommittee – 2015-2016

The University Library Committee (ULC) is charged with advising the Provost and the Director of Libraries on instructional resource development and research policies, as well as on the documentation of library service to the institution. The Standing Subcommittee for Institutional History will work with the Libraries and University Archives to ensure that collecting, service development, and programming facilitate the campus community’s access to the institutions’ history by:

  • advising on comprehensive policies and priorities for the transfer of materials to the University Archives.
  • supporting University Archives’ acquisition of written, photographic, audiovisual, and digital records and other records vital to the history of North Carolina State University and its member units.
  • facilitating orderly transfer of historical records from the university’s units to the University Archives.
  • advising on efforts to document the physical environment of the university and its history.
  • suggesting development of tools and resources to better expose the history of the institution and

    its member units to researchers and the university community at large.

  • providing a forum for discussion of specific archival projects to facilitate outreach to student

    organizations, alumni groups, and other members of the university community.

  • facilitating the periodic preparation and updating of historical reports on each College or major

    unit belonging to North Carolina State University.