Group Insurance and Benefits: Committee Charge

  1. GIBC was created in accordance with North Carolina General Statute §58-31-60. The Group Insurance and Benefits Committee is concerned with all types of group insurance and retirement programs for employees. It is also concerned with other fringe benefits that promote the welfare of the faculty and/or staff of the University.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Committee to make policy recommendations to the Benefits Office relative to maintaining and strengthening our present programs and developing new programs. The Benefits Office will then forward these recommendations as appropriate to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources who will carry forward pertinent issues to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.
  3. The committee is charged with advising the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources on matters related to developing strategies to encourage healthy behaviors in the workplace and creating a health-friendly work environment for faculty and staff.
  4. Consult with the Faculty Senate’s Personnel Policy Committee for consideration of policies, procedures or other matters pertaining to faculty concerns.
  5. Group Insurance Bylaws amended March 2012