Meeting - October 5, 2020


Monday, October 5, 2020
Video Conference
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Approval of the Minutes – Arden (5 mins)

Consent Agenda (No Items) – Arden (0 mins)

Action Items (No Items)

Information / Discussion Items

  1. CALS Translational Research & Extension Pipeline (TREP) Lease Extension at Reedy Creek
    Space Request #20-11 – J. Askew (10 mins)
  2. Fitts-Woolard Backfill, Mann Hall Options
    (Info Item 18.12) – L. Johnson/L. Moore (25 mins)
  3. Plant Sciences Backfill Plan Milestones
    (Info Item 19.03) – L. Moore (25 mins)

Other Business
Next Meeting: Monday, November 2, 2020, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM


October 05, 2020
Video Conference
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Members present: Warwick Arden; Charles Maimone; Mladen Vouk

Staff Support present: Alicia Knight; Cameron Smith; Catherine Phillips; Doug Morton; Duane Larick; Imran Aukhil; Jonathan Horowitz; Katherine Stewart; Lisa Johnson; Lisa Van Roekel; Liz Moore; Louis Hunt; Matt Peterson; Sumayya Jones-Humienny

Guests: Lori Johnson; Jessie Askew

Additional Distribution: Barbara Moses; Margery Overton

Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the September 14, 2020 meeting were approved and have been posted.

Approval of the Consent Agenda

Action Items

Information Items

1. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), Translational Research & Extension Pipeline (TREP), Lease Extension at Reedy Creek, Space Request #20-11: The forthcoming space request must undergo electronic review as the lease expires October 20, 2020. CALS proposes to extend the lease for 5 years. Approximately 7 CALS buildings and 4 USDA buildings with about 55,000 GSF are located at Reedy Creek on NC Department of Agriculture land and operate under an MOU. The long-term goal is to shift all the buildings from Reedy Creek to Lake Wheeler Road Field Labs. In the meantime, CALS wishes to continue leasing the Reedy Creek land to support its field operations, as there is no other location available until new buildings are constructed at Lake Wheeler Road Field Labs. [Subsequent to this meeting on 10/12/2020, the committee electronically reviewed and approved the request.]

2. Fitts-Woolard Backfill, Mann Hall Options (Info Item 18.12): L. Johnson reviewed the current status of the overall Fitts-Woolard backfill plan. It has three components: 1) Page Hall, which has been completed and approved; 2) 111 Lampe Drive, which has some remaining space to be allocated; and 3) Mann Hall, whose recent structural investigation produced recommendations for repairs and envelope improvements that will extend the life of the building for another 30 years. L. Moore presented two options for Mann Hall with assumptions that the:

a. Existing 110 Classrooms would remain but be reduced in square footage
b. DELTA Testing Center would move to DH Hill Library
c. Biotechnology Teaching Program and a Core Facility would be included in the Integrative Sciences Building
d. Facilities Zone Shop, displaced from Bureau of Mines and currently located in Broughton Hall, would to move to Mann
e. Hearth/study space would be created
f. 60:40 net to gross square footage ratio would accommodate an upgraded mechanical system and code-compliant restrooms

Option 1:
The entire CHASS Psychology Department would relocate from Poe Hall to Mann Hall, gaining about 4/5 of the space needed per the last college space analysis. This would free up some of their backfill space for CED, who also needs space. COS Physics would relocate their teaching labs from Fox Hall and senior teaching and undergraduate tutorial space from Riddick to be co-located and proximate to Riddick, where the Physics department and research labs are located. This option would also provide up to two additional Physics teaching labs to alleviate growth demands.

Option 2:
CHASS Psychology research would relocate from Poe to Mann Hall, requiring the department to be split. This would still free up some of their backfill space for CED. The DELTA 110D Classroom and AV room would move to 111 Lampe. This option allows for new interdisciplinary flexible research lab space that could accommodate fume hood-intensive and/or wet lab space as well as accommodating Physics teaching lab space as outlined in Option 1.

D. Morton underscored the importance of maximizing highest and best use possibilities with this renovation – other buildings may not have the capacity to accommodate fume hood-intensive research. The committee requested some revisions to Option 1 to maximize the space for Psychology and for staff support to return with blocking diagrams and consider a future tour of the building.

3. Plant Sciences Backfill (PSB) Plan Milestones, Space Request #20-08 (Info Items 13.06 and 19.03): L. Moore presented a CALS backfill planning summary with three major areas of focus: 1) the Plant Sciences Building (PSB); 2) the USDA ARS Facility at Lake Wheeler Road Field Labs; and 3) the Plant Sciences neighborhood (Partners II and III and Varsity Research Building (VRB)). An MOU draft is under review to aid in the governing process for allocating space, establishing expectations for vacating space, and establishing principles for occupying the PSB. CALS has a number of goals and objectives, including: co- locating interdisciplinary teams; relocating dispersed faculty to be closer together; vacating poor-quality space; creating research neighborhoods; and developing a metric-based productivity approach to inform space decisions. COVID-19 implications and travel restrictions have delayed some decision milestones and the hiring of the Plant Sciences Executive Director. Planned occupants for the PSB were reviewed; including the four Platform Directors, select Grip4PSI researchers, 4 USDA researchers, and core facilities. Planned occupants were also reviewed for the ARS facility at Lake Wheeler Rd Field Labs and VRB. The committee noted that although the PSB is a new model on campus, it is not a new model elsewhere. They directed Staff Support to meet with Harry Daniels to further discuss the MOU, decision milestones, and interim delegate for the Executive Director position. Future USC meetings should include the PSB MOU and Space Allocation Guidelines. Staff Support should continue working with Harry Daniels regarding the vacated space analysis and backfill planning.

Other Business

Next Meeting:
Monday, December 7, 2020, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM [Subsequent to the October 5th meeting, the November 2, 2020 meeting was canceled due to a light agenda.]

Meeting Adjourned at 3:00 PM.