Meeting - March 29, 2023


March 29, 2023
Primrose Hall Conference RooInformation / Discussion Items 101
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Approval of the Minutes – Arden (5 mins)

Consent Agenda (No Item(s) – Arden (0 mins)

Action Items

Information / Discussion Items

1) Innovation District Development Update – A Knight (15 minutes)
• (Info Item 23.02)

2) Integrative Sciences Building (ISB) Update – L. Johnson (10 minutes)
• (Info Item 19.05)

3) Academic Space Analysis 2022 – S. Jones-Humienny (10 minutes)
•(Info Item 22.04)

4) Study Updates – S. Jones-Humienny and Staff Support (15 minutes)
a) Poole College of Management New Facility (#202213035)
b) Talley Student Union Interior Improvements
c) Witherspoon Student Center (#202213038)
d) Physical Master Plan Cates West Housing, Dining and Student
e) College of Engineering New Buildings

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 25, 2022, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM



Wednesday, March 29, 2023
1911 Building, Conference Room 29
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Attendance and Distribution
Members present: Warwick Arden; Charles Maimone; Mladen Vouk

Staff Support present: Alicia Knight; Cameron Smith; Christopher Ross; Don Hunt; Doug Morton; Jonathan Horowitz; Lisa Johnson; Lisa Van Roekel; Margery Overton; Sumayya Jones Humienny
Staff Support absent: Adrian Day; Liz Moore

Guests: Adam Brueggemann; Dana Harris; Katherine Stewart; Kelly Wick
cc: Catherine Phillips

Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the January 25, 2022 meeting were approved and have been posted.

Approval of the Consent Agenda

Action Items

Information / Discussion Items

1) Innovation District Development Update (Info Item 23.02): A. Knight provided a status update on the progress of the Innovation District project on the Centennial Campus. She reviewed the project plan and noted that the plan is consistent with prior presentations over the past year. She also provided a status update on the implementation of the project, noting that the updated anticipated ground-breaking is looking to be early-2024 and that the initial scope is anticipated to include the Block 07 Science/Tech (Lab) building as well as initial common infrastructure work (largely focused on Oval and Blair Drive). She also indicated that the Developer has reported the commencement of planning and design work associated with the innovation hub at the corner of Oval & Blair, the central parking deck (phase 1), and a contemplated residential apartment (market, for rent) building, but that no requests have been made to the Endowment Fund for review or approval of those items to date.

2) Integrative Sciences Building (ISB) Update (Info Item 19.05): C. Smith described the overall campus construction access plan, including construction site boundaries, construction traffic access to the site from Dan Allen Dr. to Yarbrough Dr. to Stinson Dr., the closure of Stinson between Broughton and Polk, and the new ADA pedestrian route around Williams and Gardner. See the attached presentation.
a) Construction will begin mid-May (after graduation), focused primarily on the Chilled Water piping work located just south of DH Hill Jr. Library and closing off pedestrian access between Patterson Hall and the Erdahl Cloyd Wing. This work will last through September 2023.
b) In June, the building site will be fenced in to establish the construction zone and new pedestrian paths
prior to students returning in the fall.
c) In September and as the Chilled Water work is completed, the building site fencing will expand to the north to capture the Brickyard for staging/laydown. As the construction progresses, the site fencing will encompass the building site and most of the Brickyard north of the building. Fencing will adjust slightly as needed to support phased activities.
d) Appropriate signage will be installed to clearly delineate pedestrian paths, including the ADA reroute. Service and permit parking will be shifted to accommodate construction phasing.
e) Construction schedule start date milestones: Chilled Water (5/15/23), Building Site Mobilization (5/22/23), Site Demolition (6/20/23), Building Foundation and Walls (9/25/23), Steel Structure (3/6/24), Exterior Facade (9/30/24).

3) Academic Space Analysis 2022 (Info Item 22.04): S. Jones-Humienny noted the last analysis was completed in 2016. Historically, an Academic Space Analysis is performed every 3-4 years; however, due to Covid and institutional turnover in Enrollment Management and Services (EMAS) and Institutional Strategy
and Analysis (ISA), the kickoff was delayed until 2023. Campus Planning and Strategic Investment (formerly the Office of the University Architect) has been collaborating with ISA to update the analysis methodology. The purpose is to perform an analysis of the colleges’ space inventory and needs, which reflect any
changes in enrollment and programmatic initiatives, and to use this as a data-driven, decision-making tool that will inform the Capital Plan Submission.
The first round of meetings with the deans and their associate deans is scheduled for April/May to review the enrollment headcount, student clock hours, faculty and staff headcounts, research personnel, and space data with each college and determine space deficits or overages based on each college’s needs. This discussion also includes the colleges’ space quality issues and most pressing needs. Adjustments to the data will be made as needed. The second round is scheduled for August and September to finalize the data and then report the findings to the USC in the fall.

4) Studies in Progress: S. Jones-Humienny provided updates on the following studies underway:
a) Poole College of Mgt (#202213035): will develop the program and test fit different sites at Centennial Campus to align with the Physical Master Plan and accommodate anticipated future growth. Key stakeholders across campus are included for interdisciplinarity. The study kicks off in April.
b) College of Engineering New Buildings: will provide the visioning, programming, and siting of two new buildings at the south end of the Oval on Centennial Campus for the College of Engineering to address their 40% long-term growth.
c) Talley Student Union Interior Improvements: will evaluate 40,000 square feet of dining venues and open lounge/study spaces to determine the improvements needed to better serve the student population and to address current and future dining capacity issues. Implementation will be phased and include building
system upgrades. Phase 1 will be approximately 15,000 GSF.
d) Cates West Housing, Dining, and Student Services: is rising to the top of the priority list from the Physical Master Plan to address enrollment growth. The PMP will go before the Board of Trustees for approval in July. More discussion will follow regarding the next steps.
e) Witherspoon Student Center (#202213038): the goal is to provide a more equitable student center for minority populations and student organizations and to enhance the African American Cultural Center with student leadership advocacy for student fee approval and fundraising efforts. The committee re-
quested a cost/benefit review for renovating the existing building versus building new square footage as part of the Cates West Housing Dining and Student Services development.

Other Business
1. N/A

Next Meeting:
Monday, April 25, 2023, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM in person in Holladay Hall, Conference 18.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:30 PM.