Meeting - August 28, 2023


August 28, 2023
Holladay Hall Chancellor’s Conference Room 1
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Approval of the Minutes – Arden (5 mins)

Consent Agenda (No Item(s) – Arden (0 mins)

Action Items
1. University HR, Ombuds On-campus Office, Space Request #21-02 Revised – S. Jones Humienny/L. Van Roekel (5 mins)
2. Physical Master Plan’s New Campus Development Committee (CDC), Process, Charge, and Revised Space Principles, (Info Item 21.07) Related to (Info Item 19.01) – L. Johnson/C. Smith/S. Jones-Humienny (25 mins)

Information/Discussion Items
1. Potential Research Grant Award Projects (Info Item #23.06) – J. Horowitz (15 mins)
a. CTI
c. NSF Biofoundries
d. Good Food Institute/Bezos Foundation
e. NSF Chips Act

2. Study Updates (Info Items 23.05) – L. Johnson/S. Jones-Humienny (10 mins)
a. Academic Space Analysis
b. Administrative Offices Space Analysis
c. Cates West Housing (Dining, Student Services) w/ Cates Utility Plant Expansion
d. D.H. Hill, Jr. Library Comprehensive Study (#202213020)
e. Engineering Growth – Part of the Physical Master Plan (#201914022)
f. Hillsborough Building
g. Landscape Improvement Plan (In-house)
h. OIT Workplace Pilot Study – Avent Ferry Technology Center (#202213019)
i. Physical Master Plan (PMP) (#201914022)
j. Poole College of Management (PCOM) New Facility Study (#202213035)
k. Schenck Forest Multi-Purpose Building (#202213042)
l. Talley Dining Advance Planning
m. Witherspoon Study (#202213038)

Next Meeting: September 25, 2023, 1:30 – 3:00 PM