Meeting - August 2, 2019


Friday, August 2, 2019
Primrose Hall Conference Room 101
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Approval of the Minutes – Arden

Consent Agenda (No Item(s)) – Arden (0 mins.)

Action Items

  1. CALS Ligon St. Buildings Demolition
    (Info Item # 19.12) – Stafford (5 mins)
  2. Transportation Centennial Campus Info Booth Demolition
    (Info Item # 19.13) – Stafford (5 mins)
  3. EH&PS Security Applications and Technologies
    Don Ellis Building
    Space Requests #08-09 and # 16-08 – Jones-Humienny (10 mins)

Information / Discussion Items

  1. Working Backfill Plan for Fitts-Woolard
    (Info Item 18.12) – Staff Support (5 mins.)
  2. Brickhaven Occupants Relocation Update (I-440 Widening)
    (Info Item 17.04) – Moore (10 mins)
  3. Integrative Sciences Building
    (Info Item 19.05) – Provost Arden (10 mins)
  4. Proactive Strategic Acquisition
    (Info Item # 19.13) – Aukhil (10 mins)
  5. Capital Projects Update
    (Info Item 17.03) – Smith (5 mins.)

Other Business
Next Meeting: Monday, September 9, 2019, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM


Friday, August 2, 2019
Primrose Hall Conference Room 101
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Members: Warwick Arden; Mary Peloquin-Dodd; Jon Horowitz (representing Mladen Vouk)

Staff Support: Imran Aukhil; Louis Hunt; Lisa Johnson; Sumayya Jones-Humienny; Duane Larick; Liz Moore; Doug Morton; Cameron Smith; Harlan Stafford

Guests: Michael Fausnight; Lori Johnson; Laura Ratchford; Lisa Van Roekel; Katharine Stewart

Approval of the Minutes

The Committee approved the June 3, 2019 meeting minutes, which have been posted.

Consent Agenda

There were no consent agenda items.

Action Items

  1. CALS Ligon St. Buildings Demolition (Information Item #19.12): H. Stafford stated that CALS is requesting to demolish the Small Animal Research Building (#163B), Modular Dinoflagellate Facility (#163C), and the Aquatic Research Fish Lab (#163D). These buildings are located in the West Research Annex area and are in poor condition. The college will fund the demolition. The committee approved the request to demolish these buildings.
  1. Transportation Centennial Campus Info Booth (#717) Demolition (Information Item #19.13): H. Stafford stated that Transportation has not needed this unattended booth for some time. The building has not been maintained, blocks sight lines of cars at the adjacent intersections, and confuses The Committee approved the request to demolish the building on the condition that Transportation provides funding.
  1. EH&PS Security Applications and Technologies, Don Ellis Building (Space Requests #08-09 and # 16-08: S. Jones-Humienny restated that Staff Support had been working with SAT to identify long-term space to accommodate their continued growth since 2008. Staff Support assessed other units against highest and best use and fit criteria in Don Ellis; however, due to its relatively isolated location, two-story configuration, and building condition, the recommendation is for SAT to occupy Don Ellis. S. Jones-Humienny presented a test fit of SAT with minor plan modifications. The test fit confirmed that the Don Ellis Building would accommodate SAT with some room for growth, but that no other units could co-locate. Funding for some building system replacements and architectural modifications to comply with code must be identified. The Committee approved the space request for SAT to relocate to the Don Ellis Building pending clarification on the server requirements. Subsequent to the meeting, SAT confirmed that the server requirement was only for security software and hardware testing purposes.

Information / Discussion Items

  1. Working Backfill Plan for Fitts-Woolard (Information Item 18.12): L. Johnson reviewed the need for a study to identify how to implement the capital plan in phases. It does not appear that the legislature will approve a budget with renovation funds allocated for Daniels Hall. A plan is needed to phase renovations and occupancy for Daniels, Page and Mann Halls. The Committee approved proceeding with a study.
  2. Brickhaven Occupants Relocation Update (I-440 Widening) (Information Item 17.04): L. Moore provided an update on personnel and program storage moves out of 516 and 520 Brickhaven buildings. All personnel are moving temporarily to Broughton Hall. L. Johnson stated that USDA, Real Estate & Development, and Facilities met recently to review concerns for access to leased space on Ligon Street. M. Peloquin-Dodd suggested that University Communications develop a website as a single location for information pertaining to the I-440 widening and Blue Ridge Road projects. L. Moore stated that the final location for 4H and FFA is still under review. The Committee directed Staff Support to continue meeting with Dean Linton regarding options for 4H and FFA.
  1. Integrative Sciences Building (Information Item 19.05): W. Arden emphasized the importance of this project to the University. It is anticipated that the legislature will approve partial funding for this project in the near term. The Provost Office is forming an executive committee to craft the vision and goals for the building, with the first meeting scheduled in August. Sub-committees could identify specific program areas. The building is expected to have student spaces, generally scheduled classrooms, teaching labs, research labs and associated office and support spaces.  L. Johnson stated that this will be the first building constructed on the North Campus Precinct since the City of Raleigh implemented the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). Legal Counsel and Facilities are working together to clarify the impact of the UDO on campus.
  1. Proactive Strategic Acquisition (Information Item 19.13): I. Aukhil stated that Real Estate & Development has been reviewing University leases. The University could benefit from longer lease W. Arden stated that the University should weigh the advantages of strategic long-term leases and purchases against the total cost of rent currently paid. M. Peloquin-Dodd noted that long-term leases provide financial savings but decrease flexibility. Consolidating leases is an appealing opportunity. The Committee requested that Staff Support present a process for identifying who would hold the financial risks for proposed opportunities at a future USC meeting.
  2. Capital Projects Status (Information Item 17.03): C. Smith reviewed projects and provided a handout.
  3. Other Business: Staff support noted that the Varsity Drive Parking Lot expansion project would go to the Board of Trustees for review in September and to the Board of Governors in November.