Meeting - April 6, 2020


Monday, April 6, 2020
Video Conference
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Approval of the Minutes – Arden – (5 mins)

Consent Agenda (One Item(s)) – Arden – (5 mins)

Action Items 

  1. Working Backfill Plan for Fitts-Woolard Update
    (Info Item 18.12) – Johnson/Moore (30 mins.)
  2. AERPAW Tower Locations on Centennial Campus Space Request #19-16 – Johnson (10 mins)
  3. OIT & CALS, Lake Wheeler MDF Building Space Request #20-02 – Moore (5 mins)

Information / Discussion Items 

  1. Capital Projects Update
    (Info Item 17.03) – Smith (5 mins)

Other Business
Next Meeting: Monday, May 4, 2020, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM


Monday, April 6, 2020
Video Conference
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Members present: Warwick Arden; Charles Maimone; Mladen Vouk

Staff Support present: Catherine Phillips; Imran Aukhil; Louis Hunt; Lisa Johnson; Lisa Van Roekel; Sumayya Jones-Humienny; Duane Larick; Liz Moore; Doug Morton; Cameron Smith

Guests: Lori Johnson

Additional Distribution: Barbara Moses; David Rainer; Harlan Stafford; Jonathan Horowitz; Julia Brooks; Katherine Stewart; Matt Peterson

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the February 3, 2020 meeting were approved and have been posted.

Approval of the Consent Agenda

  1. McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education (MCE&CE) Upper Coastal Plain Learning Center (UCPLC), Rocky Mount, NC Strategic Lease Space Request #20-03 was approved.

Action Items

  1. Working Backfill Plan for Fitts-Woolard Update (Info Item 18.12): L. Johnson and L. Moore reviewed the 3/4/2019 USC working backfill plan and requested partial space allocation approval for the College of Engineering in Daniels Hall and for the College of Humanities and Global Engagement in Page Hall.

Daniels Hall:
Without funding to renovate Daniels Hall, occupancy will be less efficient than originally projected. Staff Sup- port have worked with the College of Engineering (COE) on a fit plan to consolidate the following units on the third and fourth floors: Academic Affairs, Engineering Online (EOL), and Information Technology and Computer Services (ITECS). Funds will be needed to address AV technology, furniture, window AC units, carpet, and paint. Building floor plans were reviewed highlighting proposed space allocations for each unit. With this plan, COE will occupy about 2,300 ASF more than originally anticipated because they must now fit into the current room configuration. The proposed COE total space allocation is about 30,000 ASF.

Staff Support is working with The College of Design (COD) on a fit plan for the first floor of Daniels Hall, which will be reviewed with the USC at a future meeting. Improvements for Industrial Design (ID) are a top priority for the college. ID will not fit in its entirety on the first floor. The college is determining the best way to split the department and is also working on a backfill plan for the space that will be vacated.

Page Hall:
The proposed plan allocates space (about 11,000 ASF) to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) Dean’s Administration on the ground and first floors and to Global Engagement (about 7,000 ASF) on the second floor of Page Hall. Staff Support met with CHASS and Global Engagement, who both agreed to this proposal. $5.75 M of Carry Forward funding has been allocated for improving building infrastructure and the building envelope.

Mann Hall:
Staff Support will bring space allocation alternatives to a future USC meeting. The possibility of moving the Physics teaching labs from Fox Science Teaching Labs to Mann Hall will be considered due to the difficulty of fitting them in Daniels Hall without funds for renovation.

The committee approved the proposed Daniels Hall COE space allocations (about 30,000 ASF) and the Page Hall CHASS (about 11,000 ASF) and Global Engagement (about 7,000 ASF) space allocations, with the under- standing that Staff Support will work with each unit to finalize the plans. They requested Staff Support return with the costs for Daniels Hall moves and minor renovations.

  1. AERPAW Towers and Equipment Locations #19-16: Lisa Johnson presented an update to the Year 1 installation of the rooftop antennas, use of existing light poles for Terragraph radio units (for Facebook) and AERPAW cables/antennas, and a new purpose-built AERPAW pole. The AERPAW researchers would like to minimize initial costs for equipment installation and have requested that the same or similar equipment types approved for Year 1 be what they install for Years 2-3 at all locations.

Atop Engineering Building II, thirteen new, smaller rooftop antennas with an RF sensor will replace five existing antennas. This rooftop node will have a similar appearance as the previous version. The Terragraph radio units will attach to four existing light poles along Main Campus Drive. For the new AERPAW antennas and cables at the Keystone Science Center, the initial intent was to reuse another existing light pole, but it is unsightly with cables strapped to the exterior and structural analysis determined it is inadequate to support the loads. Therefore, a new purpose-built pole that conceals all cables inside the pole is proposed to accommodate the equipment and structural requirements. The outdated CentMesh equipment was for a three-year experiment, but has been in place for 10 years. These poles pose a safety and cost liability to the university as they were only designed for light fixtures. Staff Support recommends discontinuing use of these poles for any other purpose.

The committee approved the AERPAW Year 1 locations and equipment with the purpose-built pole. They requested more information on the outdated CentMesh equipment that should be dismantled and removed, with the understanding that this may require further discussion and additional funding.

  1. OIT, Lake Wheeler MDF Building Space Request #20-02: L. Moore presented a map of the Lake Wheeler Road area near the intersection of Inwood Road and Coefficient Road where the proposed main distribution frame (MDF) primary head-end telecom building (with server equipment and redundant HVAC systems) will be located. OIT is funding the MDF building and CALS will fund the future cabling distribution. She explained that CALS needs higher-speed data and Wi-Fi connectivity in this area for the future Ag Demonstration facility and the future farm initiatives, but the AERPAW network cannot accommodate CALS’s needs, since it requires a dedicated service for its research. The committee approved the request.

Information / Discussion Items

  1. Capital Projects Status (Info Item 16.10): C. Smith distributed a handout dated March 31, 2020 and noted that all projects are proceeding in spite of COVID-19 impacting delivery of some items, such as furniture. He noted that Greek Village Phase IV’s cost estimate increased significantly with third-party vetting. Discussions with DASA are needed. The committee is concerned about loss of revenue ramifications from COVID- 19 for that project as well as for the Athletics outdoor aquatics project. The Academic Success Center at DH Hill is scheduled to open in early fall and Carmichael Recreation Center Addition in late fall.

Other Business

  1. Staff Support is reviewing the College of Education’s space request for the Department of Labor’s AI Academy grant for space near Poe Hall. This request will be on the next USC’s meeting agenda. The committee stated that more notice is needed on grant projects requesting space.

Next Meeting:
Monday, May 4, 2019, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Meeting Adjourned at 2:20 PM.