University Space

Committee Charge

July 1, 2021

All University buildings and land belong to the University as a whole and are subject to assignment and reassignment to meet the institution’s overall priorities and needs. The University Space Committee, which is chaired by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, approves all allocations of university space including Centennial Campus and off-campus rental space, except for space allocations in Holladay Hall, which are approved by the Chancellor. Assignments are made after careful consideration of all relevant factors and consultation with the units involved. Each College and Division will establish a Local Space Committee to consider and prioritize local needs and discuss space requests to be made to the University Space Committee. The Local Space Committee will assure that all avenues to solve a space request within the college/division have been explored before forwarding a space recommendation to their respective Dean or Vice Chancellor.

University Space Regulation – REG 07.25.14