Undergraduate Education

Committee Charge

July 1, 2020

  1. In consultation with the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, advise the Provost in matters relating to undergraduate education and the General Education Program.
  2. Assist in the development, revision, and evaluation of University regulations with regard to general education and the General Education Program for all undergraduate curricula.
  3. Review courses for inclusion on the University’s list of courses which can be used to satisfy General Education Program requirements.
  4. Develop and conduct periodic reviews of the General Education course lists.
  5. CUE in conjunction with the Office of Assessment in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs will develop recommendations for implementation of assessment procedures for general education courses and categories.
  6. Advise the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Academic and Student Affairs on procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of general education and the General Education Program and related policies as they are implemented and for initiating proposals for policy revisions.
  7. Consult with the Faculty Senate’s Academic Policy Committee for consideration of policies, procedures or other matters pertaining to the academic mission of the University.



GEP Special Topics Course Submission Form
For offering a GEP Special Topics course




Member Resources



If interested in serving on CUE, complete the Faculty Committee Survey indicating your interest. The survey is sent by the Provost’s office to faculty in January of each year. Please note the meeting schedule for any course conflicts. Prospective Members should have a familiarity with undergraduate education and/or participation with the College Courses and Curricula Committee. For more information about CUE, see the Member Resources link above.

Service on University Standing Committees provides an opportunity for faculty to participate in shared governance and help set the direction of the university. If you are interested, it is important for you to complete the University Standing Committees Survey to let the Provost’s Office know on which committees you may wish to serve.

  • Employees eligible to serve on a University Standing Committee are those in a .75 or greater FTE position and benefit-eligible. Emeritus are always eligible.
  • Members appointed to faculty seats on UCCC and CUE should not hold a position higher than Department Head, which aligns with the eligibility requirement for membership in the Faculty Senate.
  • Completing the survey does not guarantee appointment to a committee. Placement on a committee is subject to factors such as number of vacancies, seat designation (reserved for a specific unit), priority (specific rank and number of years selected), membership on other committees (to allow more opportunities for participation) and college/unit diversity.
  • Appointments for the upcoming year are made by the Committee on Committees and are approved by the Chancellor in the summer and notifications will go out in July.
  • Please address questions or concerns about the survey to Amy Jinnette (arjinnet@ncsu.edu).