Meeting - September 18, 2015


Time: 10-11

Room: 1301

Building: Student Health Center

Members Present:

Cynthia Levine, Sandra Paur, Jackie Bruce, Yvonne Matos, Melissa White

Members Absent: Phil Sannes, Natalie Ames. Korinn Saker, Nathan Brown

Ex-Officio Members Present: Leah Arnett, Monica Osburn, Caroline Ortiz-Deaton

Ex-Officio Members Absent: None

Guests Present: None

Call to Order – Leah Arnett, Director Student Health


  1. New members were welcomed; noted that four student positions were still vacant and will be appointed by Provost soon.
  2. Reviewed purpose of committee and responsibilities. Discussed items that were addressed last year noting that student insurance and third party billing took a great deal of discussion time.
  3. Elected chair for this next term. Jackie Burch of Agricultural and Extension Education graciously agreed to serve.
  4. Specific discussion around what the committee can actually DO this year. Would like to decide on a specific topic to work on that will help make a difference on campus. With so many adverse events related to students in crisis the committee would like to:
    1. Review subject data relative to our college and benchmarked against other campuses – specifically as it relates to all student deaths, including suicides and prevention.
    2. Work with university to assist in improved communication flow of information to students and staff / faculty when an adverse event occurs. (example of recent suicide on brickyard given) Create decision points for who and when to share. Impact of social media on communication.
      • Some committee members learned at church, College of Education was not notified, and Student body President.
      • Staff and Faculty should be told right away so they can manage student classroom
    1. Suggest Deans Council be involved and share information on down the line of staff – frequently stops at Dean’s level

Agreed that the committee would like to review data at next meeting.

Old Business


Meeting adjourned on time.

Next meeting on November 16 at 3:00pm. Room 1301, SHC.

Minutes submitted by – Leah Arnett