Meeting - November 1, 2021



  1. Student Speaker Auditions & Selection
  2. Name committee chair


Members present: Alyson Wilson, Natalie Yeung, Chad Jordan, Charles Clift, Jason Bocarro, Richard Spontak, Jeffrey Huckel, Jenny Evans, Tom Koch, Molly Vanhoy, Jodi Hall


Members absent: Paula Gentius, Don Hunt, Honiah Locklear, Elizabeth Stone, Lian Lynch


In the absence of a chair, Registration and Records and University Commencement representative Kyle Pysher called the meeting to begin at 3:03pm. Kyle shared the voting results for the student speaker candidates.


Richard Spontak motioned to officially select the highest vote recipient as the student speaker for Fall 2021, which was seconded by Tom Koch. The committee voted unanimously to choose this candidate.


Kyle brought forth the second agenda item: to elect a committee chair for the remainder of the academic year. Charles Clift nominated Lian Lynch (absent) after she expressed interest via a phone call with him. Richard Spontak nominated himself for the position.


The committee unanimously elected Richard Spontak to serve as chair for the remainder of the year. He plans to hold another meeting in early Spring to discuss the commencement ceremony itself.