Committee On Committees

Appointment Letter

July 1, 2023


TO: 2023-24 Committee on Committees

FROM: W. Randolph Woodson, Chancellor

SUBJECT: Appointment to Committee on Committees

I am pleased to appoint you as a member of the 2023-2024 Committee on Committees.  Your willingness to accept this responsibility is very much appreciated.

The Committee on Committees, authorized through the General Faculty Bylaws, provides assistance and consultation to the chancellor and vice chancellors in the creation of annual appointments of university-level committees.  In particular, the Committee on Committees annually conducts a poll of the general faculty and staff to determine individual interest in serving on the University Standing Committees.  The Committee on Committees annually reviews the charges and membership and recommends to the chancellor the annual appointment and charge of each standing committee, based on information obtained from the poll of the general faculty which is initially reviewed by the Faculty Senate, recommendations from the Staff Senate, and recommendations from Student Government and Student Senate.

Please be aware that your committee must comply with NC State’s Open Meetings Regulation 04.00.03.

Please submit an annual report of your committee activities to me no later than July 1, 2024.

Again, your willingness to serve on this committee is appreciated.