Meeting - February 12, 2020


3:30 – 5 pm
Winslow Hall, Room 101

  1. Welcome and Introductions (Strategic Planning Co-chairs Warwick Arden and Margery Overton)
  2. Task Force Charge (W. Arden and M. Overton)
  3. Task Force Expectations (W. Arden and M. Overton)
  4. Discussion (Led by Task Force Co-chairs Monica Osburn and Sheri Schwab)

Provided by Monica Osburn and Sheri Schwab

Items to cover

  • Getting to know each other – fill out form on your own, group share outs
  • Communications self-assessments – take with you and complete before next session
  • Community agreements, needs, expectations – next time
  • Go over resources/data/reports
  • Committee next steps, next meeting – 2/24/2020

  Resources, data, reports

  1. NC State  – COACHE (faculty) data (2018)
  2. UNC System/NC State – Employee engagement survey (2018)
  3. NC State Student Campus Climate  survey (undergrad, grad) – Data not yet ready 
  4. JED report/recommendations
    1. Framework
    2. Toolkit
  5. Multicultural Organizational Development (MCOD) model
  6. NC State Healthy Minds data (forthcoming)
  7. NC State Wellness Strategic Plan 2020-2025
  8. SEA Change self-assessment model, resources
  9. Center for collegiate mental health annual report
  10. Healthy Minds National Data

There are some other university reports we can utilize too.

Next steps

  1. Honest assessment of where we are (current state)
  2. What progress have we made?
  3. What are the gaps?