Academic Assessment Council Roster


Fashaad Crawford
Vice Provost for Assessment and Accreditation
Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost 

Matt Stimpson
Director of Assessment
College of Engineering

College Representatives

Chad Jordan
Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Plant and Microbial Biology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

David Hill
Head, School of Architecture
College of Design

Kirsten Hoeflaken
University Program Associate
College of Education

John Lee
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
College of Education

James Mulholland
Associate Professor, Department of English and Director of Graduate Programs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Eric Money
Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs,  Geographic Information Systems
College of Natural Resources

Alun Lloyd
Drexel Professor, Director of Biomathematics Graduate Program, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Sciences

Laura Nelson
Associate Dean and Director of Academic Affairs
College of Veterinary Medicine

Poole College of Management

Helmut Hergeth
Associate Professor, TATM
Wilson College of Textiles

Other Unit Representatives

Traci Temple
Director, Research and Analysis

Samantha Rich
Director, Office of Assessment
Division of Academic and Student Affairs

Pierre Gremaud
Associate Dean
Graduate School

Nancy Whelchel
Director of Survey Research
Office of Institutional Strategy and Analysis

Carolyn Argentati
Donald E. Moreland Deputy Director of Libraries

Kaitlyn Mittan
Director of Assessment and Accreditation
Office of Assessment and Accreditation