Meeting - October 10, 2016


Monday, October 10, 2016
Holladay Hall Conference Room 18
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Approval of the Minutes – Arden
Consent Agenda Approval – Arden
Action Items

  1. 16-30 CED / STEM Education Strategic Lease Request
    Venture IV Suite 140 or Other Centennial Campus Space – Stafford (10 mins.)

Information / Discussion Items

  1. Update: DASA Student Health Center at Centennial Campus
    Plaza Hall, Wolf Ridge Building 2
    Request #16-28
    Guests: Lisa Zapata, Leah Arnett, Monica Osburn – Jones-Humienny (10 mins.)
  2. Plant Sciences Building Schedule
    (Info Item 16.11) – Johnson (5 mins.)
  3. 2017-2019 Biennial Six-Year Appropriated Capital Plan Update
    (Info Item 16.10) – Johnson (5 mins.)
  4. Update: EB Oval Programming
    (Info Item 14.02) – Johnson (15 mins.)
  5. COS Research Administration (Cox Hall) Request to Backfill
    Dean’s Suite, Broughton 4216, 4216A, 4216C
    Request #16-24 – Jones-Humienny (5 mins.)
  6. Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program (CFEP)
    (Info. Item 15.08) – Overton (5 mins.)
  7. Lake Raleigh Woods Management Plan
    (Info Item 16.12) – Johnson (15 mins.)

Other Business
Next Meeting: November 14, 2016, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM





Monday, October 10, 2016
Holladay Hall, Chancellor’s Conference Room 18
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Present: Warwick Arden; Scott Douglass; Alan Rebar; Jeff Bandini; Lisa Johnson; Lori Johnson; Sumayya Jones-Humienny; Duane Larick; Liz Moore; Matt Peterson; Harlan Stafford; Cynthia Williford.
Not Present: Louis Hunt; Margery Overton; Katie Perry.
Guests: Leah Arnett; Gary Blank; Holly Durham; Lauren Joyner; Barry Olson; Thomas Skolnicki; and Andy Snead.
Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the September 12, 2016 meeting were approved and have been posted.
Approval of the Consent Agenda
The committee approved the Consent Agenda comprising request number: #16-29.
Action Items
1. College of Education, STEM Education, Venture IV, Suite 140, Strategic Lease or New Lease Space at Centennial Campus, Req. #16-30: H. Stafford stated that the current lease was scheduled to expire 12/31/2016. Although the researcher would like to remain in Venture IV, the portion of the new grant that could be used for rent was insufficient to cover a new three-year lease. If University Real Estate and Development cannot negotiate an affordable rate at Venture IV, the researcher is requesting approval to seek new lease space. The committee approved going forward with the Strategic Lease at Venture IV if an affordable rate can be negotiated, and approved pursuing a new lease either on or off campus, if necessary. The committee understands that the college would fund the new lease and any associated move or upfit costs.
Information / Discussion Items
1. DASA, Student Health Center at Centennial Campus, Plaza Hall, Wolf Ridge Bldg. 2, Re-quest #16-28: S. Jones-Humienny stated that the committee had requested more information and introduced the guests who came to discuss the request. She stated that the committee’s main question regarded the proposal to essentially split services into two lo-cations, while the university and DASA have been working toward consolidation of services. L. Arnett stated that there was a need to provide services for students who spent most of their time on Centennial Campus and that the space being requested on the first floor of Plaza Hall was within DASA space. She added that moving Dental from Research Building II to Plaza Hall would allow Counseling to expand in their current location in RB II. B. Olsen stated that University Housing had enough capacity to accommodate the projected increase in student growth, even if the four apartments being requested were occupied by Student Health. W. Arden stated that he was in favor of making services convenient to students and that the plan to consolidate services on Central Campus had the same goal. L. Arnette stated that there were enough positions within Student Health to run both locations and that some positions were mobile, ex. Nutrition, and could move around campus. S. Douglass stated that the university has to be mindful of costs. The committee approved the request.

2. Plant Sciences Building Schedule (Info Item 16.11): L. Johnson stated that Flad Architects was engaged in programming at present and construction completion was scheduled for Fall 2021. She distributed the Project Scope Statement which described the university’s goals for the project. A. Rebar stated that this building would be a good candidate for a core facility of about 2,000 to 2,500 square feet, which would need to be designed based on the proposed research platforms for the building. L. Johnson stated that the Building Committee comprised individuals who were recommended by the Dean and approved by the Chancellor. A. Rebar suggested that, for the building to be truly interdisciplinary, the planning process should include involvement from the other colleges that would likely have a presence there: College of Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Natural Resources. The committee requested reviewing future Building Committee recommendations prior to the Chancellor’s review and approval.

3. 2017-2019 Biennial Six-Year Appropriated Capital Plan Update (Info Item 16.10): L. John-son stated that UNC-GA had not yet sent instructions nor the submission deadline; the usual deadline had been in September. She said that Institutional Research and Analysis had completed compiling the data; OUA could now begin the 2016 University Academic and Research Space Analysis, which had historically been used to contribute to development of the Capital Plan project list. She added that UNC-GA was requesting a new list, the Targeted Repair and Renovation (R&R) List, comprising projects with an anticipated lower total project cost of between $5 – $20 million dollars. She discussed the proposed projects on the list and stated that a study on the Crossroads Building was forthcoming to determine what functions ought to be located there. W. Arden and A. Rebar suggested that the Crossroads Building could become an interdisciplinary building by including other areas of study in addition to sciences. W. Arden stated that the study stakeholders should include: Natural Resources and Agriculture and Life Sciences; cluster hire directors; center and institute directors; and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. W. Arden suggested some amount of student services and engagement could be located on the ground floor. A. Rebar discussed a phased approach to funding buildings where requests of $40 million were made each submission and the building expanded accordingly. The committee requested that staff bring the Targeted Repair and Renovation Projects List to a future meeting.

4. EB Oval Programming Update (Info Item 14.02): L. Johnson stated that the university had made a strategic decision to add funding to the program which meant that 7,500 to 9,000 GSF could be added to the building. The college was in favor of using 85% of the additional square footage for research and of 130 ASF offices. The college was now tasked with thinking about solutions to accommodate their projected growth. She stated that the schedule would be confirmed at the building committee meeting to be held that week. She added that the classroom space programmed for the building was being modeled by Registration and Records using all available classroom space on Centennial Campus and that alternate space types (e.g., Hunt Library, within Housing space, etc.) were also being considered.

5. COS Research Administration (Cox Hall) Request to Backfill Dean’s Suite, Broughton 4216, 4216A, 4216C, Request #16-24: S. Jones-Humienny stated that the Dean’s office was requesting to move to alternate swing space in Broughton Hall and move more administrative staff from Bureau of Mines and Cox Hall into Broughton to improve operations. This would vacate Bureau of Mines in preparation for its renovation. The committee agreed to the request in-concept. Staff will bring the request for final approval at a future meeting.

6. Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program (CFEP) 2015 Cohort (Info Item 15.08): D. Larick discussed the Carbon Electronics cluster and status of hiring the candidates. He said that the funding was in place to renovate Partners II into lab space, and space in Partners III was being considered for offices. H. Stafford stated that knowing the timing would be helpful for identifying space options.

7. Lake Raleigh Woods Management Plan (Info Item 16.12): T. Skolnicki distributed a handout which gave background on designating the woods as preserve for teaching and research, along with a summary of the plan, and recommendations. He described the issues that the Management Plan were intended to address and the recommendations. G. Blank described some of the irreplaceable forest features that existed and the areas that had been compromised by invasive species and other stressors. The committee discussed the plan recommendations, including the installation of a communications tower in a stagnated area and the funding that it would generate for woods maintenance, and the creation of a site manager position. A. Rebar and D. Larick stated that there was potential to develop a student PhD thesis around the site manager position.
Meeting Adjourned at 4:07 PM.