Meeting - January 22, 2018


Monday, January 22, 2018
Holladay Hall Conference Room 18
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Approval of the Minutes – Arden

Action Items

  1. Academic Affairs / Global Training Initiative, Venture II Ste. 450 – Stafford (10 mins.)
    Request for Strategic Lease (to remain in current location) and acquire Additional Space, or to Seek Other Lease Location
    Request #18-02
  1. COE / Computer Science Digital Games Research and
    CFEP Visual Narrative Center, Venture II, Ste. 530 – Stafford (10 mins.)
    Request for Strategic Lease (to remain in current location) and acquire
    Additional Space, or to Seek Other Lease Location
    Request #18-03

Information / Discussion Items

  1. Staff Approval: Security Applications & Technologies (SAT) – Jones-Humienny (10 mins.)
    Reference: Space Requests #08-09 and #16-08
    Temp. Relocation to Varsity Research Bldg. Module #1 (for ~18 mos.)
    Related Discussion:
  • Magnolia Cottage – proposal to demolish (Info Item 18.05)
  • West Dunn Building – backfill of vacated space
  • Libraries Satellite Building – proposal to vacate (Info Item 18.06)
  1. Project and Study Status- Johnson (20 mins.)
  • Plant Sciences Building (Info Item 16.11)
  1. EB Oval – Site Logistics – Smith/Cwikla (10 mins.)
    (Info Item 18.01)
  1. Mann Hall Structural Study – Smith (5 mins.)
    (Info Item 18.04)
  1. Capital Projects Update – Smith (5 mins.)
    (Info Item 17.03)

Other Business
Next Meeting: Monday, February 5, 2018, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM


Monday, January 22, 2018
Holladay Hall, Conference Room 18
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Present: Warwick Arden; Scott Douglass; Matt Peterson (for Alan Rebar); Jeff Bandini; Louis Hunt; Lisa John-son; Lori Johnson; Sumayya Jones-Humienny; Duane Larick; Liz Moore; Doug Morton; Margery Overton; Cam-eron Smith; Harlan Stafford; Cynthia Williford.

Guest: Bob Cwikla.

Additional Distribution: Alan Rebar, Lauren Joyner.

Approval of the Minutes
The minutes of the September 11, 2017 meeting were approved and have been posted.

Action Items
1. Academic Affairs / Global Training Initiative (GTI), Venture II, Ste. 450, Strategic Lease Request #18-02: J. Bandini presented both request #18-02 and #18-03 simultaneously, as the issue regarding whether either group could remain in Venture II was the same. He stated that both GTI and the Digital Games & Visual Narrative Center had leases that would expire this year. Both were requesting a new lease of their current space and to acquire additional space, however the lessor was considering not extending the leases in or-der to lease the spaces to another large tenant in the building. In that case, the groups were requesting to lease another location(s) either on Centennial Campus or in close proximity to the university. He stated that the requests were not ready for action and that his office would be gathering more information to understand the long-term needs of each group, whether spaces could be shared between units, and other considera-tions. University Real Estate & Development (URED) would be preparing an inventory of all lease spaces for planning purposes. J. Bandini proposed going forward requiring that lessees complete a supplemental ques-tionnaire, confer with the Office of the Provost when Provost funds are to be used, and then prepare a rec-ommendation letter to the committee with a course of action. The committee agreed to the URED proposal.

2. COE / Computer Science Digital Games Research & CFEP Visual Narrative Center, Venture II, Ste. 530, Strategic Lease Request #18-03: J. Bandini presented this request in tandem with Req. # 18-02. See item #1 above.

Information / Discussion Items
1. Staff Approval of Security Applications & Technologies (SAT) Temporary Relocation to Varsity Research Bldg. Mod. 1, (Ref. Requests #08-09 & #16-08): S. Jones-Humienny stated that the update included four parts for the committee’s consideration:

1.) The Staff Support Subcommittee had approved the temporary (up to 18 month) allocation of Varsity Research Bldg. (VRB) Module 1 to Security Technologies & Applications (SAT), with conditions. She reviewed the history of SAT’s growth, past space requests, and how the department had been split be-tween Magnolia Cottage and West Dunn Bldg. VRB Module 1 was available because there were no plans to occupy it until funding becomes available to implement Phase II of the VRB renovation for Plant Pathology. SAT agreed to conditions including that they vacate both Magnolia Cottage and West Dunn, they vacate Module 1 prior to its renovation, they pay for utilities and maintenance, and identify a backup plan. Jones-Humienny detailed reasons for staff recommendation

2.) Info Item 18.05: Staff recommended demolition of Magnolia Cottage after SAT vacates it. Removal of the building would allow for pedestrian safety, storm water management improvements, and a green space amenity adjacent to the residence halls.

3.) Forthcoming Space Requests 18-01 & 18-04: Jones-Humienny stated that staff were gathering infor-mation for a recommendation on backfilling SAT’s vacated space at West Dunn Bldg., and would bring requests to the committee at a future meeting.

4.) Info Item 18.06: Lastly, she said that Staff were proposing that the Library Satellite Shelving building be reevaluated for providing the highest and best use for the university. Jones-Humienny referenced the Space Principle priorities, which state that long-term storage shall be stored at an off campus location, and discussed possible options for reallocation of the space.

The committee endorsed the recommendations and directed staff to begin conversations for 2.) and 4.).

2. Plant Sciences Building – Review (Info Item 16.11): L. Johnson stated that since the last presentation in September, value engineering had been conducted. She presented gross square foot comparisons and stated that the square footages would continue to be refined as the project’s design evolved. Some changes were due to refining personnel numbers and that the Hearth now included the demonstration lab, education and pre-function spaces, and gallery. She explained that the net to gross ratio appeared lower than typical lab intensive buildings by clarifying that the gross square footage included the secured “back of house” corridors located between labs and lab service spaces. She stated that the building required a great amount of mechanical space due to the extended height greenhouses and the growth chambers. Johnson stated that the design had also improved architecturally: the overall height had been reduced to five stories, the mechanical space was concealed, the service area was depressed from view, and the material selections were terra cotta, brick, and metal panel. W. Arden questioned reducing the lab support personnel from 11 to 0 and requested that the PSI Governance Task Force reevaluate this decision. The committee expressed approval of the direction in which the architectural design was developing.

3. EB Oval – Site Logistics (Info Item 18.01): B. Cwikla presented site plan images of the project construction site, between Hunt Library and EB I, and of the immediate area. He described the pedestrian and traffic impacts that would occur as work begins. Fencing will surround the entire site including the center portion of The Oval where construction staging will occur. Site work, the first phase of the three-phase project, will involve the excavation of large amounts of soil; trucks will access and exit the site from Partners Way to the north. A new permanent sidewalk will be constructed on the west side of Partners Way. Three full-time flag-men will control traffic and pedestrian crossings. A second construction vehicle access point will be between Wolf Ridge Apts. and EB III. Protective jersey barriers will be located where construction vehicles and pedestrians are moving in close proximity. Use of the Partners Way access point will decrease after the site work is complete. Construction of this project and the Plant Sciences Bldg. will overlap by about one year.

4. Mann Hall Structural Study (Info Item 18.04): C. Smith stated that a study was being conducted of Mann Hall’s concrete structure. The firm, Wetherill Engineering, will identify the needed repairs and estimate the cost of repairs. Scaffolding had been erected and would remain in place until after 2020 when the building is vacated and its renovation can begin. The study will be complete in March.

5. Capital Projects Status (Info Item 17.03): C. Smith reviewed the progress of several projects.

Other Business

1. S. Douglass stated that fundraising had begun for an outdoor pool at Carmichael Gymnasium.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:15 PM.